150 Session



Mixed under a roof in Cologne: 150 Session has no clue what to do and comes around from all directions. ML's worldly sets are all prepared spontaneously, marrying avant-techno with rural chants from the past, odd house emotions with minimal classics, psychedelic fuzz with big city jazz and beyond. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!

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  • A.K.G.-Angst
  • Walter Ruttmann-Weekend
  • Philippe Laurent-Exposition 1
  • Henry Hill aka Ray Liotta-President
  • Two Dogs In The House-Doomsday Initiative II/Sequence 2
  • Serge Gainsbourg & Whitney Houston-La Baiser
  • DJ Steve-Special Cuts # 4
  • Martin Kippenberger-Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee
  • Henry Hill aka Ray Liotta-Being A Gangster
  • Robert Fripp-Under Heavy Manners
  • Brion Gysin-Pistol Poem
  • Robert Fripp-The Zero Of The Signified
  • Laraaji-Journey Music
  • Termiten-Frank & Hennes
  • Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick-Andy & Edie
  • Lena Platonos-I Lathos Agapi (The Wrong Love)
  • Golden Ivy-Sval Sommar
  • Jean Luc Godard-Coffee Scene
  • DāM-FunK-Yes You Got It
  • André and Leslie-Stress
  • Tristan Tzara performed by Anat Pick-La Panka
  • Tonetta-America
  • Plastix-Konsumier Mich