150 Session



Mixed under a roof in Cologne: 150 Session has no clue what to do and comes around from all directions. ML's worldly sets are all prepared spontaneously, marrying avant-techno with rural chants from the past, odd house emotions with minimal classics, psychedelic fuzz with big city jazz and beyond. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause!

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  • Haruomi Hosono-Picnic
  • Світлана Охріменко, Олександр Юрченко-знаєш як, розкажи
  • Nico-Janitor Of Lunacy
  • This Heat-Twilight Furniture
  • The Wait Watchers-Mammal Finger
  • Dead Moon-Unknown Passage
  • Party Of One-Desolate Goldmine
  • André De Saint-Obin: Hey You
  • Plastix-Die Deutsche Bank
  • Unknown Artist-Untitled (Est. 83’ Records)
  • Idaho Joe-Talkin’ To A Ghost In An Empty Chair
  • X.Y.R.-Exotic World
  • Dip In The Pool-Over The Rainbow
  • Hajime Kaburagi-Tokyo Drifter (Main Theme)
  • George Franklin Smallwood-Lady Disco
  • Nico Motte-Life Goes On If You Are Lucky
  • Party Of One-Madame Mao Ying
  • John Cale-Prelude
  • Adolf Noise-Plus 1 = 4