88 Transition w/ Tasker



Find your strength in the sound. Make your transition.

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  • Brian Eno-Discreet Music
  • Finis Africae-Segundos Segundos Segundos
  • Flying Eagles Gospel Singers-Can’t Run This Race Alone
  • Cloud One-Dust To Dust
  • Roland Young-Don’t Ever Take Your Love Away
  • Dwight Sykes-You That I Need
  • The 24 Carat Black-Best Of Good Love Gone
  • Joan Bibiloni-Migas
  • Morgan Buckley-Call Incoming
  • Shit and Shine-Who’s Your Waitress?
  • Al Usher-Lullaby For Robert
  • Larry Heard-Missing You (Lexx’s Liquid Night Edit)
  • Sully-New Drums (Ozone Remix)
  • DJ Harvey-Love Finger
  • Al Dobson Jr-Santiago Black (Ptaki Version)
  • Idiater Edwards-Loving Sweet Devotion (Sweeter Mix)
  • Lata Ramasar-The Greatest Name That Lives
  • Broken English Club-Casual Sex
  • Huerco S-Elma (Ruff Rub)
  • Lutto Lento-Exciting Place
  • D.K-We Ride
  • Wbeeza-Perfect High
  • Tinman-Memorphillia (Vocal)
  • Roman Flugel-Wilkie
  • Culoe De Song-Y.O.U.D.
  • Minor Science-Closing Acts
  • Line Idle-When All My Love Is Too Much To Bear
  • Metro Area-Proton Candy