88 Transition w/ Tasker



Find your strength in the sound. Make your transition. For Tasker's new show Whities follow the link: http://www.nts.live/shows/whities-w-tasker/

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  • TM404-303/303/303/303
  • Jonsson / alter-Praha
  • Decoside-Reload 4
  • Jonsson / alter-Tuffa sig
  • The Kings of Late Night-Fly Away (West End Lounge mix)
  • Disco Nihilist-Coffee & A Worn Paperback
  • Kerri chandler-Oblivion (Original Mix)
  • Steven Tang-Some Solace
  • Farben-You Make Me Sweat: You Make Me Sick (Copyright Made Me Do It)
  • Madnus & Scogil-Carpet Vol
  • Norm Talley-The Journey
  • Fio-Take No Time
  • Anton Zap-Do It
  • Christopher Rau-Mehris groove
  • Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor-Pride (Main Mix)
  • Dionne-Back On The Planet (original mix)