88 Transition w/ Tasker



Find your strength in the sound. Make your transition. For Tasker's new show Whities follow the link: http://www.nts.live/shows/whities-w-tasker/

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  • 1991-No More Dreams IV
  • Lorenzo Senni-Angel
  • Okzharp and Manthe Ribane-Piki Piki
  • Nummer-Second Sight
  • e-unity - Feedback
  • 2 AM/FM-Electronic Justice
  • Magic Mountain High-Spacepod (Podlovers Mix)
  • Quartz-Meltdown II
  • Unknown-Melting Point
  • Juliano-Obsession
  • Matthew Dear-It's Over Now
  • Global Communication-The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
  • Kris Wadsworth-Crushed (Original Mix)
  • Traumprinz-N.Y. Diva Has Been Set On Fire (Kasha Short Vocal)
  • ViLLan X-Resonance
  • James T. Cotton-Don't Even Try It (The Best)
  • Laksa-Contrast
  • Lanark Artefax-Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
  • Oloo DB-Central Line
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Mark-Each Piece Is A Little Different
  • Aleksi Perälä-UK74R1512110
  • Okzharp and Manthe Ribane-Maybe This
  • TLC Fam-No 2 BeeF (slima)
  • Micachu-I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit)
  • Lanark Artefax-The Angel Problem