Broadcasting out of Birmingham, Arrhythmia is a monthly exploration of interesting new audio and abnormal rhythms. Expect irregular, dark or heavy - but not always.

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  • This Heat-24 Track Loop
  • Hype Williams-Frowsy
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti-Wired
  • Zentash Gigawatt-Lost in the Jungle
  • Zentash Gigawatt-Found in the Desert
  • Sea Urchin-Yaqaza
  • Bonnie Dobson-Winter's Going
  • Tandy Love-Indian Drum Killer Inc
  • Daniela Casa-Grosse Cilindrate
  • The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Smell of Incense
  • Yves Tumor-The Feeling When You Walk Away
  • LTO-Again
  • Moor Mother-Valley of Dry Bones
  • Moor Mother-Time Float
  • Angels in America-Duck Ernst
  • Giant Swan-Earn
  • Ragnar Johnson assisted by Jessica Mayer-Mo Mo
  • Laura Cannell-All The Land Ablaze
  • Delphine Dora-Alpha Centauri
  • Odwalla88-Heart Shard
  • Odwalla88-Trash Bag Top
  • Kemper Norton-Yadnik
  • N-Prolenta - Scream PA MI
  • Couples Counselling-Iwanna Raze
  • Klara Lewis-Want
  • Heather Leigh-Fairfield Fantasy
  • John Fahey-Revelation
  • Lushes-Warm Contagion
  • Francis Bebey-Pygmy Love Song