Zuli, experimental club producer and VENT co-founder hailing from Cairo hits the NTS airwaves to showcase his club wares: aggressively left-field.

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  • ZULI-That Morning In February
  • Dog Unit-Train Tracks (3D)
  • Tomaga-Questionable Art In Public Spaces
  • Hvide Seji, Verg, F. Valentin-Decades of Fashion
  • Shinoby-COSE
  • Dod-Drone For The Weakest
  • 1127-Mozmar
  • Matt Carlson-How S Can Be Inderectly Self Defeating
  • Anna Zardany-Theurgy Two
  • Der Zeltweg-Limbo
  • Lotide-Night Fish
  • Kool Music-My Generation
  • Stefan Jos-In The Atrium
  • J Albert-Strictly J
  • Steve Murphy-Tentacles Loop #2
  • TML-Sub Shell
  • Renick Bell-Surface Waters Flow Together
  • PRESENTE-Edward Snowden
  • RBCHMBRS-Another
  • Rabit & Dedekind Cut-R&D IV