Adam Oko



Crackled lo-fi tapes, sparkling synth-driven ditties, rarities from Japan and a whole lot else: all wrapped up neatly in a pleasing package of oozing ambient goodness - it's Adam Oko.

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  • Chi-Kuhl II
  • Yas-Kaz-Camel Princess
  • Gifted and Blessed-At One Ment
  • Jam Money-Blowing Stones
  • Neo-Eros in Exile Part 1
  • Woo-Love on Other Planets
  • Yasuaki Shimizu-Umi No Ue Kara
  • Bruce Lacey-Music from the film Double Exposure
  • Yama Warashi-Una
  • Cluster-In Ewigkeit
  • Toshinori Kondo-The Day After
  • Lifetones-Decide