Akito, Dis Fig, J Man, Lemonick & Krizzli



Get to know Akito Hearnshaw - chief of the minimal club tracks. Tune in for his selections of burnt out, distorted, rhythmic movers. Bitcrushed, resonant snares clap and kicks punch through ballroom, jersey and alike.

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  • Holloway-MGXU
  • Noire-Canvas
  • Impey-Rain Dance
  • Akito-Codeine Claps (NYC Remix)
  • TVS1 x Lorenzo-Storm
  • Boska-Gas Limb (Rushmore Mix)
  • God Colony-Steady (Loom Remix)
  • Barow XL-All Of A Sudden (Bleakers Combat Cardio Mix)
  • EYCEE-Delicate Drippin'
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Lemonick-Giacos
  • Holloway-Gqop Tip
  • NKC-Atun Con Pan
  • Last Japan-Golden Eye (Akito's Half Japan Remix)
  • LloydSB-King Of Castle (TArqTarq Remix)
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • DVA-Take It All
  • Arma-Safari
  • Abra-Catching Fruit (Akito Blend)
  • J Spades-Nobodies
  • Deke Somo-Last Dem
  • Gaika-Buta (Serocee and Miss Red)
  • DJ Harlow-Waxwork