Akito & Gooddroid



Get to know Akito Hearnshaw - chief of the minimal club tracks. Tune in for his selections of burnt out, distorted, rhythmic movers. Bitcrushed, resonant snares clap and kicks punch through ballroom, jersey and alike.

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  • Martyn-Friedrichstrasse
  • Mr Mageeka-Different Lekstrix
  • NKC-Hard Drum Loop 9
  • Lorenzo Senni-Rave Voyeur
  • Lobby-Hit It
  • TSVI x Lorenzo BITW-Storm
  • Neana On The Trak-Vine Line
  • Nan Kole-Malumz (Formation Boyz Remix)
  • Foot Steps-Green Light
  • Akito-Cherry Bisous
  • Lemonick-Shlaga Lert
  • Helix-Funky First (L- Vis 1990)
  • Gooddroid-Guestmix