Alexander Nut



Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins NTS every other Sunday evening for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.

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  • Skymark-Resistance Sonore
  • Eri Ohno-Skyfire
  • Oluko Imo-Praise-Jah
  • Alex Nortell-This Way
  • Nueu Grafik-Soul Conspiracy
  • Pascal Viscardi-Last Day In Harajuku
  • Blaze-Wishing You Where Here
  • Black Aroma-If You Wanna Dance (Twice Edit)
  • Chezz-Bossa (Admin Remix)
  • 79.5-Boy Don't Be Afraid
  • Nueu Grafik-Are We Good
  • Sojb Movement-Friendship Train
  • Capi-Untitled
  • DJ Man X & Albert Sterling Menendez Ft Blaze-Consequences [Blaze Vocal Mix]
  • Bonjour-Fondant
  • Brawther-Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix)
  • Lee Van Kleef-Lifford ‘in The Wrong’ [manoo Dublove Mix]
  • Children Of Zeus-You Don’t Have To Say A Word
  • Hejira-I Don't Belong To Anyone
  • Another Black Aroma-Sunset Cruise
  • Discomatin-Le Paradis C'est L'enfer
  • Africane 808-Flamingo
  • Jerry and The Hollowgrams-The 43