Alexander Nut & Children Of Zeus



Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins NTS every other Sunday evening for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.

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  • Mark Pritchard-Sad Alron
  • Timeron-Constructive
  • Mike Slott-Amanallah
  • Samiyam-Dartgun
  • Yuri Shulgin-Nervous Arp
  • Lay-Far - Jump High
  • Jimmy Tenor-Tropical Eel
  • Samiyam-Teebs Gets Angry
  • Eddie C-Love Journey
  • Children Of Zeus-Still Standing
  • Children Of Zeus-Elevate
  • Children Of Zeus-No Strings Attached
  • Thatmanmonkz & DJ Kali-Moon On The Hill
  • Clark & The Community-Find My Way
  • S.P.A.-Hot Leanis
  • A Made Up Sound-Waybackmachine
  • Steve Spacek-Time Is Running Out
  • Mark Pritchard-Sad Alron
  • Fertile Ground-Come To Me
  • Joao Donato-Me Dexia
  • Funkadelic-Meow Meow
  • Eddie C-We Need We
  • King-Native King
  • Funkadelic-Talking To The Wall