Alien Jams w/ Stephen Mclaughlin (An Trinse)



Alien Jams is a FORTNIGHTLY show focusing on electronic music throughout history. The program aims to provide background on early electronics as well as present day artists.

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  • Controlled Bleeding-Confirmation (Part One)
  • Kemper Norton-Coming Home
  • An Trinse-Humic Acid
  • Bad Body-REDWAY
  • Kevin Drumm & Jason Lesca-Boatswain's Call EQ
  • Coli-Dark River (Early)
  • Morkebla-The Ground Under My Feet Became Water
  • Aaron Dilloway-Stunt 2
  • Kreng-Bargaining
  • Andrea Belfi-Immboli
  • Journey to Ixtan-Corpse On The Mesa
  • An Trinse-Corpse From The North
  • Alice Coltrane-Rama Guru