Alien Jams w/ Chloe & Ondness



Alien Jams is a FORTNIGHTLY show focusing on electronic music throughout history. The program aims to provide background on early electronics as well as present day artists.

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  • Ondness-Curfew
  • Beachers-Miss
  • Ø-Kesayon Haltijat
  • Desmond Lesley-Esoteric Tone Poem
  • Carl Stone-Wall Me Do
  • Rituals-Movie Extert -
  • Pauline Anna Strom-Trans-Millenia Consort
  • Yves Daoust-Quator
  • Dennis Duck-All Skate
  • Jaap Vink-Screen
  • Rhythm Devils-Hell's Bells
  • Dave Soldie & Richard Lair-Thung Kwain Sunrise
  • Ubud, Bali 1941-Gambang/Gameian Gong
  • Pacific Rat Temple Band-Life is Too Short Hare Krishna 1975
  • Martin Denny-Lahina Luna
  • Frank Comstock-From Another World
  • Glenn Gould-The Quiet in the Land