Crossed Wires - American Proto-Punk Special

Los Angeles


A monthly transmission of displaced rock n roll, exotic punk and early electronics, paying favor to all things primitive and sleazy. LA visual artist Amanda Siegel delves into the international underground, offering a thorough sonic survey of protopunk, hard rock, synthpunk, powerpop, psych, industrial and more.

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  • The Styrenes-Drano In Your Veins
  • The Blessed-Deep Frenzy
  • Mary Monday-Popgun
  • Hilary Laddin-The Sell
  • Pure Hell-Hard Action
  • The Suicide Commandos-Call Of The Wild
  • Berlin Brats-(I'm) Psychotic
  • Baby Blue-Fantasy Man
  • The Last-Slavedriver
  • Jayne County, The Electric Chairs-Toilet Love
  • Schoolgirl Bitch-Abusing The Rules
  • Accelerators-It's Cool To Rock
  • Zolar Rock-Space Age Love
  • The Brats-Quaalude Queen
  • The Gizmos-Mean Screen
  • Cherry Vanilla And Her Staten Island Band-The Punk
  • Chain Gang-Gary Gilmore And The Island Of Dr. Moreau
  • The Orchids-Teenage Babylon
  • The Dogs-Teen Slime
  • Fury-Flying
  • The Mad-Eyeball
  • Bobby Soxx-Scavenger Of Death
  • Le Ritz-Punker
  • Nervous Eaters-Loretta
  • Reactors-L.A. Sleaze
  • Killer Bees-Rock And Roll Hangover
  • Rocket From The Tombs-Never Gonna Kill Myself Again
  • Crime-Baby You're So Repulsive
  • Figures Of Light-Black Cadillac
  • DMZ-Do Not Enter
  • Modern Warfare-Dayglo
  • The Stiphnoyds-My Mom's A Fake
  • Randoms-Let's Get Rid Of New York
  • Jack Ruby-Hit And Run
  • The Afrika Korps-Refrigerator Rappin'
  • The Styrenes-Everything Near Me
  • The Low Numbers-Shok Treetments
  • George Brigman-Jungle Rot
  • Stryker-As The Rain Goes
  • Zakary Thaks-Bad Girl
  • The Bizarros-Laser Boys
  • 'S Nots-So Long To The Sixties
  • Rags-Hold Me Tight
  • Rise-Twitch City
  • Shock-We Were That Noise
  • The Absentees-Tryin To Mess With Me
  • Laurie Marshall-I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In