Andrew Weatherall Presents: Music's Not For Everyone



Techno-punk legend Andrew Weatherall plays his favourites past and present; ranging from contemporary indie bands to the pounding 909s of early acid house.

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  • Cowboys International-The 'No' Tune
  • Clancy, Riley, Walker, Kalida-Untitled
  • Eyelids-23 (Years)
  • The He Dark Age-Holding Out For Eden
  • Wild Women And The Savages-Red Bind
  • H. Grimace-2.1 Woman
  • AMOR-Paradise
  • Mark Lanegan-Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  • Horace Andy, The Welders-Straight To Hell
  • Big Youth-Pair of Dice
  • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals-Social Justice
  • Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lockpickers-Care Home
  • Billy Fury-Don't Jump
  • Steve King & The Echelons-Satan Is Her Name
  • Tav Falco-Tram?
  • Art Of The Memory Palace-Voiture Blanche Dans Le Noir
  • Art Of The Memory Palace-Impressions Of Belonging
  • Art Of The Memory Palace-A New Absence
  • Thomas Leer-Urbaine
  • Jane Weaver-Slow Motion
  • Earth Girl Helen Brown-Set The Woods On Fire
  • Al Lover, Cairo Liberation Front-Level 2
  • Gerry And The Holograms-Increased Resistance