Andy Votel's Randomonium



The legend that is Andy Votel strolls into our Manchester studio once a month to play a portion of his record collection selected at random by his kids.

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  • Catharsis-Cachemire
  • Philipe Herpin & Daniel Paboeuf-Marche Nuptial
  • Mikael Ramel-Sa Lange Re Svanger
  • Samuel Hobo-Freedom Day
  • Yeliz-Bir Bahar Yagmuru
  • Luc Marianni-Synthetic Suite No. 4
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Bet Lynch’s Legs-Riders In The Sky
  • Frank Lowe & Rashid Ali-Exchange Part 2
  • Unknown-They Never Come Closer
  • Fatal Microbes-Violence Grows
  • The Inner Space-Dialog Zwischen Birken
  • Uilab-St Elmo’s Fire
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Pray Vec-Expert