Anthony Chalmers



Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut at Corsica Studios as well as Raw Power Festival, visits NTS for a monthly showcase of his heavy collection, which spans jazz, dub, stoner rock, psych and power electronics.

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  • Meridian Brothers-Guaracha U.F.O
  • Selvhenter-Golden Boy
  • Rodion G.A.-Printre meteroriti
  • Islam Chipsy-Kahrabo
  • Gnod-A-Ba-Ni-Bi
  • Kenny Graham and His Satellites-Chant
  • Marco Di Marco-Par Avion
  • DJ Scientist-Imperialist Monsters
  • Visual Fortune-Nite Driver
  • Hey Colossus-Hey, Dead Eyes, Up!
  • Kabasa-Unga Pfula A Chi Pfalo
  • Zombie Zombie-L'Esprit du Cimetiere Part 1 (Theme Principal)