Architects w/ Alex Kelman - Jon Brion Special

Los Angeles


Warp’s Alex Kelman pays tribute to the greats. Game recognize game live from LA.

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  • Frank Ocean-Self Control
  • Fiona Apple-Extraordinary Machine
  • Jon Brion-Down The Drain
  • Jon Brion-He Really Needs Me
  • Aimee Mann-One
  • Kanye West-Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Bonus Track)
  • Jon Brion-Zombie attacks in the Eighties
  • Jon Brion-Hands and Feet
  • Fiona Apple-Sleep To Dream
  • Beyoncé-All Night
  • Eels-Efils God
  • Jon Brion-Here We Go
  • Jon Brion-Resolution
  • Kanye West-Bring Me Down
  • Frank Ocean ft Andre 3000-Solo (Reprise)
  • Jon Brion-Tabla
  • Jon Brion-Coincidences
  • David Byrne-I Know Sometimes A Man Is Wrong
  • Elliott Smith-Happiness