Art Assembly - Morning Meditation - Beauty in the Bleak



Art Assembly compiles a programme of mediative compositions reflecting on mid-winter and the theme of Beauty in the Bleak.

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  • Sonic Division-an excerpt from a sonic retreat next to the Owen's Valley dry lake bed
  • Pauline Oliveros-The Beauty of Sorrow
  • Janek Schaefer-White Lights of Divine Darkness (for Sir John Tavener)
  • Leslie Deere-excerpt
  • Aging (David McLean)-I Swear I Saw Her Halo
  • Joseph Quimby-Verses
  • Hildur Gudnadottir-Baer
  • William Basinski-Melancholia V
  • William Basinski-Melancholia VI
  • Oberman Knocks-Jamcole Partition
  • Autumn Richardson + Richard Skelton-Returns
  • Thomas K├Âner-Tiento de la Luz six