Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson



Zac Jackson picking far and wide for a journal of genre-defying and relaxing tunes. From Italo to house, new wave and synth pop, diversity is key – music without boundaries.

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  • Codek-Tim Toum
  • Wally Badarou-Endless Race
  • Sade-Super Bien Total
  • Valentina-Maquillage
  • B.B & Q Band-Dreamer (Shep Pettitbone)
  • Stargaze-You Can't Have It
  • Tony Simmons-I Can't Let You Go
  • Margeurites-Margeurita
  • James Nickson-Take Me Higher
  • Patrice Rushen-Number one
  • Montana sextet-Who Needs Enemies
  • Black Gold-C'mon Stop
  • NY House 'n Authority-The Village
  • Earl Flint-People Hold On