Awkward Movements - Discrepant Records Special



Your fortnightly post-rave batch of electronic goodness and live music, with an experimental angle taken taken from around the world. Keith P and Paul Ackroyd dig through their ever growing collections of wax / tapes / digital, and share their favourite selections of the good, the rad and the buggly.

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  • Mike Cooper-Onaneus
  • Tiago Sousa-A Conquista Do Pao
  • El Mahdy Jr-B Side
  • Mutamassik-Long Beards
  • Rizan Said-Electric Mawwal II
  • Malayeen-Dina
  • Charbel Haber-Last Evenings On Earth
  • Johnny Kafta Anti Vegetarian Orchestra-BBQ In Karantina
  • Hair & Treasure-Juno Lake Loop (Part 1)
  • Gonzo-Irae