Awkward Movements



Your fortnightly post-rave batch of electronic goodness and live music, with an experimental angle taken taken from around the world. Keith P and Paul Ackroyd dig through their ever growing collections of wax / tapes / digital, and share their favourite selections of the good, the rad and the buggly.

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  • Chunky-Tolk to Meh
  • James West-Type X
  • Dogu Civcik-Mitrin (Dogu Civcik Edit)
  • The First Baboon Civilization-Through The Sun and Beyond
  • Healing Force Project-Resounding Cavity
  • Curtiss King-TossAroundTheWeightz
  • Samiyam-Part 1
  • Samiyam-Teebs Gets Angry
  • Rezzett-Rupez
  • Perfume Advert-Esau
  • The Cro-Tones - Tea Machine Dub
  • Muslimgauze-Amira Kadal Srinagar + Mea Culpa
  • /f-A(394)1!f;Vl4aje(sf)_[29,343,204]
  • The Heliocentrics-Night and Day
  • Kostis Kilymis-Crystal Drops
  • Apostille-Meditations On Desire
  • Sam KDC-Atonement
  • Joane Skyler-Basel
  • Micachu-I Dare You (Demdike Stare Edit)
  • Zed Bias-Hipbounce
  • Fou Tet-Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)
  • Fhloston Paradigm-Nimoy
  • Cottam-A Ruff Draft
  • EEK-Mouled El Ghoul