Beatrice Dillon



Two hours a month given to Beatrice Dillon and her special guests: techno, ambient, and a lot more.

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  • Tod Dockstader-Boingo Background
  • Laurie Spiegel-Patchwork
  • Feloneezy-Just As You Think
  • Karen Gwyer-Judd Drums
  • Bass Clef-Too Much Bone In Your Skull
  • Omar S-Psychotic Photosynthesis
  • Herbie Hancock-Actual Proof
  • Spring Heel Jack-100 Years Before
  • The Bororo-Brazil Aije
  • Lumigraph-Districts
  • Ndzi Teke Riendzo-I’m Taking A Journey
  • Tod Dockstader-Gentle Retrieval
  • Petre Inspirescu-Rackadoom
  • Ricardo Villalobos-Skinfummel
  • Ondness-Godlike Todd
  • ITAL-Pulsed
  • Aphex Twin-Shiny Metal Rods
  • Ingram Marshall-Gradual Requiem Part 3