Beatrice Dillon w/ Karen Gwyer



Two hours a month given to Beatrice Dillon and her special guests: techno, ambient, and a lot more.

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  • Cults Percussion Ensemble-Autun Carillon
  • Tod Dockstader-Boingo Background
  • Cults Percussion Ensemble-Circles
  • Jacob Dahl Jurgensen and Simon Dybbroe Moller-Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Lost in Dust-Heron
  • Leyland Kirby-Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals
  • Karen Gwyer-Judd Drums
  • Itinerant Dub-Hypnotic Jungle
  • Drexciya-Andreaen Sand Dunes
  • Iueke-Tape 1
  • DJ Gilb'r & DJ Sotofett-Concrete Guajiro
  • Suicide-Che
  • Golden Retriever-Archipelago
  • Rotary Signal Emitter-Hedonic Hotspot
  • Rotary Signal Emitter-Inductive Strays
  • Dynamo Dresen and Sun-Woodlandscene
  • Silver Apples of The Moon for Electronic Music Synthesizer-Morton Subotnick
  • Shuggie Otis-XL-30
  • Kowton-Asusu (Dresvn Remix)
  • Stefan Jos-1
  • David Byrne-Red House
  • Ludacris-What's Your Fantasy (feat. Shawna)
  • Heldon-Baader-Meinhof Blues
  • Lutto Lento-The Boat Can Leave Now
  • SW.-Reminder