Beautiful Skies



Strong new age vibes with Beautiful Skies – from experimental ambient to outernational folk, this show gives the whole leftfield an encyclopaedic once-over.

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  • Laurie Anderson-O Superman (bird song intro edit)
  • Electric Company-O Superman
  • Sun Araw-Deep Cover
  • Craig Leon-Donkeys Bearing Cups
  • ISH-Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  • Telequanta-Chala
  • Dibaya men & women-Wa Kabwalala Wa Beena Luluwa
  • MGUN-Walk With Me
  • Red Axes-Only A Clown Can Catch An Axe
  • 030) - Bookworms-Japanese Zelkova (LIES
  • Nymph Reeds of Osirus-WFMU corruption
  • Steve McLaughlin-Windowlicker VHS Compression
  • Howard Stelzer-Brayton Point
  • 6-12-Weird Noises in the Russian Siberian Ural Mountains June 29
  • terry rhiley-_no good edit
  • Londinium Surprise Maximus - Church Bells of England-St. Michael, Cornhill
  • GRIM-Divine Music For Sleeping I + II
  • Dariush Dolat-Shahi-Zahab (Tar and Electronic)
  • Black Randy And The Metrosquad-Down At The Laundrymat
  • Thom Yorke-Pink Section
  • Shipibo Shamans-Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Evan Roth-07_Comptons_In_The_House_EDIT
  • Evan Roth-02_Fuck_Tha_Police_EDIT
  • Jim Roche-Whatcha Doing Down There Boy
  • Lily Greenham-Do You Wonder About This Society
  • Clap! Clap!-The Holy Cave
  • Michael Ozone-Perfect Systems (Original Mix)
  • Stedman Cinques - Church Bells of England-St. Paul's Cathedral