Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red



‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.

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  • Voiski-Wax Fashion.Lies
  • Cosmin TRG-Repetitiv.Fizic
  • Rolando-Mood Maker.R3
  • Radial-Cosmetics.Radial
  • James Ruskin-Dependant Stage.Blueprint
  • NTTA 11-Finistrerre Point.Random Island
  • D_Func-Lost Sines.Symbolism
  • Thomas Hessler-Consequence.Index
  • Cirkutry-The Hez/Osborne Beyond It Mix.Acoustic Division
  • Mike Wall-The Black Chamber/Samuel L Session Remix.Suicide Circus
  • Marco Faraone-Etna/Truncate Back To Basic Mix.On Edge Society
  • Randomer-Stupid Things I Do/New School Mix.Clone
  • Yan Cook-Release Attack.Silent Steps
  • Nphonix-Nebrakada.Balans
  • Sciahri-The Dream Is True.Ilian Tape
  • Maxwell Church-Faxnews.Lab.Our
  • The Normalmen-Mazine Order.Early Sounds
  • De Sluwe Vos-Broken Snare.4lux
  • Nphonix-Just 1/No Vox Edit.Unreleased
  • DJ Bone-Detroit Is…Hard.Subject Detroit
  • Head Front Panel-005B2.Head Front Panel
  • Raiz-The Struggle Pt 2.Droid Behaviour
  • Floorplan-Phobia/Re-Plant Mix.M Plant
  • Ritzi Lee-SOS.Belief System
  • Cleric-Breach.Arts
  • Iori-Inject.Field
  • Sciahri-Emblema.Ilian Tape
  • Antonio De Angelis-Signals.LondonWhite
  • D Vince & Sergio Pace-Franky's Chord/Raffaele Attanasio Remix.Old And Young
  • Phon O-Whi5stleblower.50 Weapons
  • Benjamin Damage-Acid Bath.50 Weapons
  • MD3-Club Music World.MoreAboutMusic
  • Jordan Fields-The Answer.Opilec Music
  • Keita Sano-Ant.Mister Saturday Night
  • Kris Wadsworth-333-Uranus
  • J&L-Lucid Dreams.Field
  • Inhalants-Inhalants.Lies
  • Sev Dah-Shaban/Antigone Remix.Techno Gipsy
  • Raiz-Transcend 3.VRV
  • Robert Hood-Protein Valve/Re-Plant Mix.M Plant
  • Ritzi Lee-Code 754.Belief System
  • Jonas Kopp-Mandelbrot.Orion
  • Stenny-Boulders.Ilian Tape
  • Youandme-Perception/XDB Remix.Ornaments
  • Trus'Me-It's Slow/Truncate's Raw Trax Mix2.Prime Numbers
  • Robert Lux & Todd Edwards-I've Still Got Sunshine/Pittsburgh Track Authority Remix.PTA
  • Orlando Voorn-Essence Of House.Chavel