Bump City w/ Billy Goods

Los Angeles


Funkmosphere resident Billy Goods heads up a 2 hour slot, live and direct from our LA studio.

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  • Reno and Mr X-T-Time
  • Paul Hardcastle-Don’t Waste My Time
  • Harvey Sutherland-That’s the Fact, Jack
  • Ingram-DJ’s Delight
  • Take Three-This Good Good Feeling
  • Zackey Force Funk-Cocaine Lady
  • Legion-Guaranteed
  • Golden Flamingo Orchestra-The Guardian Angel is Watching Us
  • Quest-Boy Scouts
  • Omni-Body Groove (Dub Mix)
  • Firefly-Love (is Gonna be on your side)
  • Mighty Fire-Take It to the Hoop - LA Lakers
  • Northend-Tee’s Happy (Edit)
  • Funkdeluxe-Partime Lover
  • Bernard Wright-Move Your Body
  • Aurra-Nasty Disposition
  • Khemistry-I Can’t Lose With the Stuff I Use
  • Blue Magic-Clean Up Your Act
  • Young and Comapny-Waiting On Your Love
  • Carly Simon-Why
  • Chic-Real People
  • Zackey Force Funk-Press Play
  • Kid Creole-Stool Pigeon