Black Impulse



From 10 till midnight every other Saturday, Black Impulse’s shows are packed with transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.

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  • Soft Machine-Why Am I So Short?
  • Cressida-Lights in My Mind
  • Love-You Set the Scene
  • the Frost-Take My Hand
  • Yes-No Opportunities Necessary, No Experience Required
  • Brother JT-When It Rains
  • Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band-Gimme Dat Harp Boy
  • Suicide-Rocket USA
  • Silver Apples-Dancing Gods
  • The Residents-The Walrus Husk
  • Cavalier Song-Stones for Throwing
  • Jim Sullivan-Flower Power
  • Captain Beyond-I Can't Feel Nothing / As the Moon Speaks / Astral Lady / As the Moon Speaks
  • Rush-Xanadu
  • Camel-Lady Fantasy
  • Wand-The Unexplored Map
  • Air-Tweleve O'Clock Satanial
  • Stone Lazy-The Quiet Earth
  • Ty Segall-Sweets
  • Blacktop-The Grave
  • Electric Wizard-We Hate You
  • Gentle Giant-Playing the Game
  • King Crimson-Frame by Frame
  • Fat Boys-Falling in Love
  • Wu Tang Clan-Shaolin Finger Jab
  • Nico-Frozen Borderline