Blackest Ever Black



Blackest Ever Black doing what they do best – connecting the dots between early industrial, doom, drone and the contemporary dance scene, pounding out the dreary sound of 21st century malaise.

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  • Theo Travis-Chasing The Slow Train
  • Convextion-Equanimity
  • Villalobos-Easy Lee
  • Felix K-Unknown
  • Urban Tribe-Her (pleayed at 33rpm)
  • Buedi Siebert-Wal-Hall A
  • Skeptics-Rain
  • F ingers-Awkwardly Blissing Out
  • Bremen-Sick City
  • Vincent Over The Sink-22 Paintbrush Street
  • CUB-CU1
  • Maurice Fulton presents Stress-Wet & Sticky
  • T++-Space Break
  • Tropic Of Cancer-When The Dog Bites
  • Barnett + Coloccia-Tracker
  • Momus-What Will Death Be Like
  • Donnacha Costello-Mustard Side A
  • Paki Visnadi-Parallel Way