Bleep staff members Margot and Luke are joined by a special guest each month to present 2 hours of upfront sounds coming direct from the HQ - with a wide spectrum encompassing house, techno, grime, drone, ambient, guitars and electronics.

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  • Advisory Circle-From Out Here
  • Louie & Bebe Barron-Forbidden Planet Soundtrack
  • Laurie Spiegel-A Folk Study
  • The Space Lady-Major Tom
  • Moondog-All is Loneliness
  • Lubos Fiser-The Sermon
  • Bulgarian State Television Choir-Polegnala e Todora (Love Song)
  • Bjork-History of Touches (Rabit Naked Mix)
  • Mica Levi-Lonely Void
  • Todd Bartow-Meditation Suite/Wood of Uncertainty
  • Black Channels-Anne
  • Ultimate Spinach-Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess
  • Elephants Memory-Old Man Willow
  • Cuts-Bunsen Burner
  • Nico-Saeta
  • Allesandro Cortini-La Sveglia
  • Bonnie Dobson-Winters Going
  • Black Channels-The Magic Reading (Unreleased)
  • Nine Circles-Twinkling Stars
  • The Creatures-Hit the Girl
  • Pierre Henry-Psyche Rock
  • Monty Babson-I Smoke too much, I Drink too much and I Cry
  • Karaocake-It Doesn't Take a Whole Week
  • Catherine Ribeiro-Paix
  • John Brooks-Rocket Fire
  • Ash Ra Tempel-Daydream
  • Time Machine-Bird in the Wind
  • Siouxsie & the Banshees-Fireworks
  • Not Waving-It Needs No Meditation
  • Holly Herndon-Breathe
  • Andy Stott-Violence
  • The Body-Alone all the Way
  • Cut Hands-Festival of the Dead
  • 00I00-UMA
  • Aby Nganda Diop-Liital