Bleep staff members Margot and Luke are joined by a special guest each month to present 2 hours of upfront sounds coming direct from the HQ - with a wide spectrum encompassing house, techno, grime, drone, ambient, guitars and electronics.

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  • Boards of Canada-Gemini
  • Mika Vainio-L.o.a.d.
  • Diamond Version-Operate At Your Optimum
  • Frank Bretschneider-Big.Hopes
  • MOON DUO -Sleepwalker
  • Goat-Run to your mama (Redg Weeks Remix)
  • Meat beat manifesto-Dogstar Man/Helter Skelter
  • Jackson & His Computerband-Vista
  • Holden -Renata (Daphni Remix)
  • Walton-You & Me
  • Lone-Airglow Fires
  • Floorplan-Baby Baby