Bleep w/ Bass Clef & Public Information



Bleep staff members Margot and Luke are joined by a special guest each month to present 2 hours of upfront sounds coming direct from the HQ - with a wide spectrum encompassing house, techno, grime, drone, ambient, guitars and electronics.

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  • Seven Deaths-And Another Another
  • Lu - Yong Yong-Maca Lu
  • Shackleton-White Flower with Silvery Eye
  • Thug Entrancer-Death after Life VII
  • SFV Acid-Money
  • EeOo-Workout
  • Les Dawson-Our Love Story
  • Reginald J Lewis-Happy Machine
  • earth 2-earth
  • Grauzone-Film 2
  • Broken English Club-Plastic Bag
  • Doris Norton-Norton Computer for Peace
  • Drexciya-Unknown Journey VII
  • Sacher Musak-Gorba the Chief
  • BBC-English Dialect 'Yorkshire'
  • Streetwalker (Silent Servant Remix)-Ooze
  • Boom Boom and Master Plan-Face the Music Dub Mix
  • Derrick May-The Dance
  • Karen Finley-Lick it Acapella
  • Live Show-Bass Clef
  • Add N to X-Meetings in Compact Boxes
  • Amnesia-Ibiza
  • Jay Daniel-I Have No Name
  • SPK-Metal Dance
  • Death Comic Crew-Me Czar of the Magyars
  • Okkyung Lee-Hollow Water
  • Hieroglyphic Being-D.O.S
  • Psyche-The Saint Became a Lush
  • Fuck Buttons-Brainfreeze