Body Motion



The signal is strong, send to all. Widegaze, post-beat, freneticisms and hoover – Body Motion plugs in sideways to decode one layer of cogent reality at a time. Parallel paradigms, monthly on NTS2

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  • Michal Turtle-Zoote Pointe
  • Jon Hassell/Brian Eno-Charm (Over "Burundi Cloud")
  • Sisyphus-Raw
  • Serge Bulot-Ondulations
  • Weather Report-River People
  • George Duke-Faces In Reflection No.2 (Vocal)
  • Mike Cooper-Each Day At Dusk
  • Weather Report-China Blues
  • Lena Platanos-Shadow of Blood
  • miraclactica-miraclactica
  • Sabres of Paradise-Duke of Earlsfield
  • Ex-Terestrial - Dreams Of Jup
  • Move D & Namlock-Drop Kick
  • Holy Ghost Inc-Mad Monks On Zinc
  • Wadume Kids-Deep Dreams
  • Pure Science-Be-Dup
  • The Traveller-Date M
  • unknownq-unknown
  • morenas-cuandabrilla la luna
  • Unknown-unknown
  • Tony Palkovic-Electric Heart
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Stereolab & Nurse with Wound-Simple Headphone Mind
  • Michal Turtle-Underneath The Window
  • John Hassell-Out Of Adedara
  • DSL-Airing Dew
  • Exquisite Corpse-Traditional Ties With Dreaming