Body Motion



The signal is strong, send to all. Widegaze, post-beat, freneticisms and hoover – Body Motion plugs in sideways to decode one layer of cogent reality at a time. Parallel paradigms, monthly on NTS2

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  • Thomas Leer-Gulf Stream
  • DJ Metatron-Spiral Worlds
  • Bedouin Ascent-Traiding The Earth
  • Electronic Eye-Harmonic Meditation
  • Ewan Jansen-Dark Jazz Delay 2000
  • Jan Yarssen & Joel Fajerman-Asteroide
  • The Unlimited Dream Company-No Headaches
  • Olaf Dreijer-echoes-from-mamori
  • Suzanne Kraft-Burn Me Down
  • Metamorphoses-Plaines
  • Voice Of Authority-Very Big In America Right Now
  • African Head Charge-Latin Temperament
  • Optic Eye-Crystal Moon
  • Complexxion-Tonal
  • Yello-Of Course I'm Lying
  • Art Of Noise-Camilla -The Old Old Story
  • Ewan Jansen-Tracking Olympus 2004
  • Land Of Light-Flares (Tambien Remix)
  • Golden Teacher-Like A Hawk
  • Powder-Random Ladder
  • Glib'R'Beesan Rum-A Song For Anna
  • The Fanglers-New Galaxy