Body Motion



The signal is strong, send to all. Widegaze, post-beat, freneticisms and hoover – Body Motion plugs in sideways to decode one layer of cogent reality at a time. Parallel paradigms, monthly on NTS2

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  • Singcircle-Mouth Music
  • Earth To Infinity-The Gate
  • Nico Motte-La Figure Del Rey
  • Imdaud Wentira-Kaktula
  • Ami Shavit-Alpha 3
  • Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon-I
  • Music For 1 Piano-Babe Rainbow
  • Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides-Unknown
  • Itinerant Dub-Away [Part1]
  • The Irresistable Force-Moonrise
  • Bill Converse-Inward Fathoms
  • Unknown-Two.a(1)
  • West Friends Unreleased-West Friends Unreleased
  • Union Jack-Lollipop Man
  • Cold Warrior-Yellow Square
  • Exquisite Corpse-Between Worlds
  • The Art of Noise ft Max Headroom-Paranoimia (extended version)
  • Bedouin Ascent-Treading The Earth
  • K-I-M-Flores
  • Unknown-Obscurian
  • HADDOW-Calm It
  • Lieven Martens Moana-Tradewind
  • Yello-You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess
  • Field Recording of the Baka Forest People-Toji Playing The Ngombi Na Pn
  • Von Party-Mongo Bongo