Online record store Boomkat dedicate their catalogues to the best records offered up by the independent and underground, along with “post-generic objects of wonder.” They hit up the NTS studio once a month for a quick run through of their favourites.

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  • Baby Father-Stealth intro
  • Emmplekz-Britain’s got Tallon
  • Tom Boogizm-ECM
  • Naaahhh-blooz
  • nicola ratti-pressure loss
  • pedro vian-back toms (inga cropland remix)
  • Coil-Greensleeves
  • Pedder Mannerfelt-Strobb
  • wanda group-easy in the future
  • DJ NJ Drone-Syn Stair (no fountain)
  • Micachu-I dare you (demdike stare edit)
  • Bulbs-Ladder wing
  • Laurel Halo-Blue Notion
  • A guy called gerrald-nazinja zaka
  • Guy Rebel-fluide
  • Ling-44 blue
  • kazuki koga-awake
  • Yearning Krew-Apple Dredger
  • Chino Amobi-roneqah’s theme
  • m ax noi mach-american child
  • Ceramic TL-Sign of the cross every mile to the border
  • Sami BaHa-tozko paran
  • Amnesia Scanner-As Chingi
  • Zuli-Robotic Handshakes in 4d
  • IXVLF-Coarata
  • rejig-agility test
  • Charlemagne Palestine Godbear-Timbral Assault
  • Ash Koosha-too many
  • A.Karavitis & G.Marianos-Kritiki Sousta
  • Jessy Lanza-It means I love you
  • Baby Father-Hells Ankles
  • DJ Katapila-Cocoawra (angel)
  • Loxy & resound-heritage
  • NA-Definite sentence
  • Jun kamoda-The Clay
  • unknown-unkown
  • Jlin & Fawkes-ankou celeste
  • Lena Platanos-bloody shadows from afar
  • mica vaino-summerland