Carolina Soul

North Carolina


Carolina Soul is a record seller based in Durham, NC, USA. They specialize in rare and classic soul, boogie, gospel and modern-- obscuro tracks from the Carolinas and beyond, mixed with all-time bangers and ballads.

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  • Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers-Medley (edit)
  • Vulcano-Esto Esta Bueno
  • Luis Santi-Los Feligreses
  • Johnny King and Fatback-Peace, Love, Not War
  • Margie Joseph-I Can't Move No Mountains
  • Kellee Patterson-Baby, I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
  • F. Tolliver-I See Heaven
  • Chocolate Buttermilk Band-Can't Let Go
  • Geno Jordan-You're A Peachtree Freak
  • Michelle-Rush Hour Traffic
  • Cat Stevens-Was Dog A Doughnut
  • Kleer-Intimate Connection
  • Trilark-Love You Up
  • New Image-In the Park
  • Robert Tanner-Sweet Memories
  • Rhythm Machine-Put A Smile On Time
  • Dynamic Upsetters-Come On Down
  • Mighty Chevelles-Gift Of Love
  • Honey and the Bees-Do You Understand?
  • Soul Liberation-Who Are You?
  • Dyson's Faces-Til I've Got This Feeling Of Love
  • Manu Dibango-Bush
  • American Gypsy-Inside Out
  • City Council LTD.-When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back
  • Point Blank-Don't Go No Further
  • Skull Snaps-Al's Razor Blade
  • Young Senators-In Session
  • NCCU-Superstar
  • Cosmos Universal Band-Third Eye