CDR Audio Show w/ Al Dobson Jr, TIghtface, and Jeen Bassa



From the initial inspiration and early demo, right through to polished master, Tony Nwachukwu's CDR AUDIO show celebrates the creative journey of tracks-in-the-making with the help of special guests from the CDR community and beyond.

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  • Dj Rels-Diggin in Brownswood
  • Phat Kat-Destiny (Instrumental)
  • Slum Village-Feel Love (instrumental)
  • Slum Village-Go Hard Instrumental
  • Slum Village-To You, For You (Instrumental)
  • Kazi And Madlib-Kazi Lost Tapes
  • J Dilla-Turn me up some
  • The Roots-Untitled Dilla Beat
  • J Dilla-Ragged and Raw
  • Tightface-World Full Of Sadness
  • Slum Village-Untitled
  • Mo Kolours-Untitled
  • Frank n Dank-Don’t stop
  • Freestyle-Summer Delight (Junior Edit)
  • Slum Village-Untitled
  • Al dobson Jr-Maysha
  • Jeen Bassa-'Body Talking'
  • Reginald Omas Mamode-Untitled edit
  • Reginald Omas Mamode-Untitled edit
  • Al dobson Jr-Untitled
  • Jeen Bassa-Orchestra
  • Al dobson Jr-Bassa On Pick Piano
  • Reginald Omas Mamode-All Together
  • Jeen Bassa-What Is A Quince
  • Mr Slips-Pyruu
  • Ta'Raach-Activate
  • Mo Kolours-Untitled
  • J Rocc-Fuck The Police Remix
  • Jeen Bassa-Want And Need
  • Al dobson Jr-Suntrip Part 2
  • Dj Rels-Untitled
  • Al dobson Jr-Seven Days A Week
  • Jeen Bassa-Untitled
  • Mo Kolours-Untitled
  • Al dobson Jr-Karmaria
  • Reginald Omas Mamode-Real Thing
  • Tightface-Rye Festival
  • Al dobson Jr-AL Dobson Jr. In Papua New Guinea
  • Jeen Bassa-Untitled
  • Atmosfere-Bouncing In And Out of Space
  • Roy Ayers-I'll Just Keep On Trying
  • Azymuth-Partido Alto
  • James Brown-I Got The Feelin'
  • The Albions-The People
  • COUNT OSSIE-Run One Mile
  • Cleophus Robinson-Gradnmas's Hands
  • Al dobson Jr-Mr. Mellow
  • Burning Spear-Slavery days
  • Taj Mahal-Blackjack Davey