NTS veteran Cherrystones has been here for a while, and has played a lot of stuff: broad selections from Krautrock to metal, free-jazz and psych.

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  • Sun City Girls-Laundryroom Satanist
  • Wolf Eyes-Psychogeist
  • David Lynch & Alan R Splet-Messin' Around With The Blues
  • Giampiero Boneschi-Psyco-Analisis Lesson
  • A. Valotti-Dark Flight
  • Roland Bocquet-Vampyr
  • The Slipstream Group-The Unknown
  • Roger Roger Ensemeble-Poltergeist
  • Bobby Christian-The Spider And The Fly
  • The Troggs-Evil Woman
  • The Calico Wall-I'm A LIving Sickness
  • The Contrails-Mummy Walk
  • Link Wray And His Ray Men-Jack The Ripper
  • Albert Van Dam And Orchestra-Voodoo Doll
  • Un Mundo-La Danza
  • Big Black-L Dopa
  • Michel Legrand-Un Homme Est Mort
  • Buddy Emmons-Witches Brew
  • Misfits-I Turned Into A Martian
  • Butthole Surfers-The Revenge Of Anus Presley
  • Angel-Tragedy Queen
  • EPMD-Manslaughter
  • The Stranglers-In The Shadows
  • Scorpions-I'm Going Mad
  • Andy Votel-Hand Of Doom
  • Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf (Studio Outtake Featuring Alternative Lyrics)
  • Godfather Don-Diabolique
  • The Nuts-Mechanical
  • Melvins-Vile
  • Melvins-Oven
  • Darkthrone-In The Shadow Of The Horns
  • Screamin' Jay Hawkins-Constipation Blues
  • MX 80 Sound-Theme From Halloween