Autotune the World w/ Christopher Kirkley



This month's mix focuses on Hassaniya music from Mauritania and Western Sahara - wedding recordings, instrumental synth freakouts, politically charged folk songs, and homemade studio productions. A brief encapsulation of the vastness of musically styles from the desert kingdoms of the Sahara.

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  • Mohamed Seyid-Yalah
  • Halagaya-unknown
  • Grupo El Wali-unknown
  • Studio Najib-Awani
  • Tidnit w/ drum machine-unknown
  • Hussein Moktar-Libyadh / Lebtayt
  • Hammadi Ould Nana-unknown
  • Malouma and Rachid el Meidah-unknown
  • Polisario Synth-unknown
  • Cheikh Lebiedh-Wel Lebya8 Rgeyik Mahzemhe
  • Polisario-unknown
  • WZN-unknown
  • Mona Mint Dendenni-unknown
  • Sahara-unknown