Circadian Rhythms w/ Last Japan, Blackwax, Dark0, Sundanim & Checan & Sully



Producers Last Japan and Blackwax hit up NTS once a month for a showcase of the best UK dance has to offer, picking threads through hardcore, jungle, garage, grime, dubstep and beyond.

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  • Kahn-Nothing I Wouldn't Do
  • Last Japan-Alpha Logic
  • Kelis-Friday Fish Fry (Visionist Remix)
  • Alex Coulton-Tension
  • Fis-T-K.I.D
  • Fis-T-Night Hunter
  • Aklord Remix-DAM
  • Glasser-Shape (Visionist Remix)
  • Cliques-Knave
  • TOYC-Analogue Drums
  • DeLorean Dreams-Chaos in the CBD
  • Stackin Papers-U KNow The Drill
  • Dread Love-Sunship Vs Chunky
  • Hold Me Tight-DJ Lewi
  • You Know My Man-OVC
  • Too MUch Talk-Alex Coulton
  • Rock The Kunkry Beat-Natural Born Chillers
  • Computer Dreams-Track Bums
  • Momentos De XTC (CYPHR Remix)-Zutzut ft. Lao
  • Unknown-Suda
  • Pleasure Flood-Suda
  • Put Cha Back In It-DJ Sliink
  • Wheel (Fraxinus Reconstruct)-Dizzee Rascal
  • Floor Lock-Suda
  • Cold Stroke (Suda Remix)-Murlo
  • Telo (Suda Remix)-Gage
  • Unknown-Suda
  • Parched-Gang Fatale
  • Subliminar (Branko Edit)-Dj Marfox
  • Fall Back-Suda
  • Midrift (Strict Face Birthday Blend)-Suda