Circuits w/ Olly Chubb



Connections in electronic music: the history of house and techno as presented to you by the wonderful Olly Chubb.

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  • Larry Levan-Real Love (Paradise Garage Mix)
  • Mr. Flagio-Take A Chance (Instrumental Version)
  • Steve "Silk" Hurley-Jack Your Body
  • Fingers Inc.-A Path
  • Vincent Floyd-Cactus Juice
  • Tragic Terror-Tanzen
  • Zsa Zsa Laboum-Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?
  • Two Dogs In A House-Gone Stray
  • Yolanda-Your Time Is Up
  • Erosion-The Space Break
  • Convextion-Equanimity
  • Chaos-Afrogermanic
  • Musicology-Telefone 529
  • Dark Comedy-War Of Worlds (Epic Mix)
  • Polartronics-The Deep
  • Open House-Aquatic
  • Juan Atkins-Techno Music
  • Robert Hood-Internal Empire