Coby Sey



Tune into Coby Sey's show on an early Saturday evening for a masterful selection of his own tunes alongside favourites and influences. Sedated hip-hop, drone, ambience and other glacial and sludge sounds.

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  • Coby Sey-Intro / Petals Have Fallen
  • Murr-Watching You (ft. Rustic Hut)
  • Yves-Coast
  • Kelsey Lu-Time
  • Klara Lewis-Us
  • Ka-That Cold And Lonely
  • Hype Williams-Dream City (New Mix)
  • David Sylvian-Weathered Wall
  • Bat For Lashes-Sarah
  • The Invisible-Monster's Waltz (Kwes. Rework)
  • Rhys Chatham-For Brass
  • Death Grips-Runway N (#3)
  • John Grant-Pale Green Ghosts
  • Kendrick Lamar-Mortal Man