Coby Sey



Tune into Coby Sey's show on an early Saturday evening for a masterful selection of his own tunes alongside favourites and influences. Sedated hip-hop, drone, ambience and other glacial and sludge sounds.

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  • Coby Sey-Intro / Petals Have Fallen
  • Alan Watts-Man is a Hoax Big Bang = You
  • Kink Gong-Baozookheng
  • Jon Lucien-Rashida
  • Imaginary Forces-East Man
  • DJ Stingray-Potential
  • Coby Sey-Unknown
  • Cities Aviv-Survival Fit
  • Jacob Samuel-Swerve (ft. Bianca Scout & Klein)
  • Lawson Benn-Earls Network
  • The Return of Pimp Shrimp-Feel Safe 88 (Just Say No)
  • Sporting Life-Court Vision (ft. Evy Jane, Actress Remix)
  • Novelist-Hoax
  • Imaginary Forces-Pevensey Road
  • African Head Charge-Stebeni's Theme
  • Benoit Delbecq-Line 1
  • Sampha-Unknown