Confused Temporalities



Unearthly early/late sounds with Confused Temporalities: expect found footage, ambient sonics, experimental avant-electronic sketches and whatever else doesn't fit the mould.

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  • Pauline Oliveros-To Valerie Solonas and Marylin Monroe in recognition of their desperation
  • Laurie Spiegel-Harmonic algorithm
  • Melvyn Henry-Black Lamborghini Music
  • Ikue Mori / Juliana Barwick-dream sequence
  • William Basinski-the deluge
  • Bernard Parmegiani-Vidos Vegetal
  • Michel Chion-Sanctus
  • Laurie Spiegel-a garden
  • Oskar Sala-Concert Rubarto
  • Autechre-Foldfree Casual
  • Laurie Spiegel-Swells