Conor Thomas



Conor Thomas co-runs the Boomkat Editions and The Death Of Rave labels, as well as spinning records all over - including on NTS. Expect choice selections tending towards the grimmer and darker ends of modern electronic music's fringes...

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  • Carlos Peron-Nothing Is True everything Is permitted
  • A Thunder Orchestra-Diabolical Gesture
  • Twice Of Love-The Birth
  • Teknokrats-The Legend
  • be-dash - must do
  • aril-costa rica
  • neon-voices (vv03 remix)
  • out of this world-you
  • The Force Dimension-B.I.O.N.I.C
  • HN03-Doughnut Dollies
  • Underground Population-DJs Became Dealers
  • sandra quin-malaguena
  • teknokrats-beat to brazil
  • liaisons dangerous-los ninos del marque (delkom Mix)
  • Philadelphia Five-Not Leaving Without Jerry
  • The Dad’s-Space Beat
  • Olivier muys-Ice Liebe Dich
  • P.Jistes-conFocation
  • Paranoise-Jungle Beat
  • Gaby-Loco Beat
  • Kate B-Breakdown
  • Air Of Gloom-Meditation
  • Black Crows-Strange Birds
  • Voltage Control-Antithesis Song
  • Chayell-Don’t Even Think About It
  • PM’P-Poison (Glam Mix)
  • Sequence 2-Closer
  • Sub Level 1-Bublevel1