Dancing Through The 20th Century: 1910s



Having examined ragtime and the very first dance records in last week’s episode, David McNamee unravels the surprising pop history of proto-blues and of jazz, when it was still music made primarily for dancing.

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  • Princes Band-St Louis Blues
  • Marion Harris-There's a Lump of Sugar Down In The Dixie
  • Marion Harris-My Syncopated Melody Man
  • Collins & Harlan-Memphis Blues
  • Collins & Harlan-Alabama Jubilee
  • WC Handy-Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag
  • WC Handy-That Jazz Dance
  • Frisco Jazz band-selection
  • Earl Fuller-Jazz Deluxe
  • Earl Fuller-Beale Street Blues
  • Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Selection