Dancing_ Ecstatic USA, Electronics 1940-1980

Los Angeles


Every month, Dancing_, hosted by D/P/I, will focus on one time-period, location, style or special guest artist, and bring forth 2 hours of deep selections, each show a self-contained exploration.

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  • Edgard Varese-Poeme Electronique
  • Richard Maxfield-Amazing Grace
  • James Tenney-Collage #1 (“Blue Suede”)
  • Dennis Duck-Do The Force
  • Ruth White-The Cat
  • Dennis Duck-4xie
  • Terry Riley-You’re No Good
  • Richard Maxfield-Pastoral Symphony
  • Gordon Mumma-Dresden Interleaf 13th February 1945
  • Robert Ashley-She Was A Visitor
  • James Tenney-Analog #1 (Noise Study)
  • Charles Dodge-Speech Songs - He Destroyed Her Image
  • Pauline Oliveros-Bye Bye Butterfly
  • Daphne Oram-Electronic Sound Patterns
  • Ramon Sender-Kore
  • James Tenney-Phrases (For Edgard Varese)
  • Steve Reich-It’s Gonna Rain Part III
  • Gordon Mumma-Epifont