Dark & Lovely Global Roots w/ Thristian



Boiler Room Head of Music, Thristian, is kind enough to lay down a couple hours of pure groove every Sunday, from West African beats through to Norwegian gospel.

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  • Ego Ella May-How Far
  • Yung Gutted-Inhuman Pt 2
  • Andreya Triana-Gold (Max Greef Remix)
  • Perth Drug Legend-God Save Queen Jean
  • Mo Kolours-South LDN ft. Henry Wu
  • Henry Wu-Midtour
  • Chris McClenney-Amor Celestial
  • Sam Gallaitry-To Earth and Back
  • Sango-This Makes Me Happy
  • Yung Gutted-Inhuman Pt 1
  • Kamasai Washington-Malcolm’s Theme
  • Kendrick Lamar-Mortal Man
  • Kendrick Lamar-Complexion (A Zulu Love)
  • Kendrick Lamar (1)-Institutionalized
  • Kendrick Lamar-Hood Politics
  • Kendrick Lamar-These Walls
  • Kamasi Washington-Askim
  • Kamasi Washington-Miss Understanding
  • Kashaka-Stop Playing (ft Wati Heru)
  • Drew Lustman-I Watch A Man Die
  • Helena Hauff-Drowning Demons
  • Octave One-Return of Juno
  • Local Artist-Place
  • Monoloc-Flaneur
  • Recondite-Serak
  • Moire-Never Sleep Mouth Shut (Disguise Edit)
  • Floating Points-Nectarines
  • Detroit Swindle-The Break Up (Max Graef remix)
  • Corporate Music-F Anti
  • Ata Kak-African Shakedown (Noema's Tribute Edit)
  • The Analogue Cops-Why You Love Me
  • a-Leek [Flip]-Freek
  • Ras G & Koreatown Oddity-Do "U" Pop (feat. Kahill Sadiq)
  • Chuckles-Unknown
  • ChasBeats-Last Whiskey of the Night
  • Bhonstro-Drizzle
  • Bahia Affair-Redefinition
  • Žiga Murko-bilal flip
  • worriedaboutsatan-Jaki
  • I Was Gonna Make It (Final)-Braille
  • Anthony Naples-Body Pill
  • Rajaat Laayoun-Unknown
  • Paul Winter Sextet-Winters Song
  • The Jazz Workshop-Rabbi Elimelech
  • Emanative-Music Is The Healing Force (Mastered)
  • Kamasi Washington-Change of Guard
  • Ahmadu Jarr-Kathung Gbeng
  • Minor Characters-Marion The Lone Taxidermist